A Modern Miracle, I Guess

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Although I am usually a modest sort of chap, not one to boast or brag, I am the very model of the modern miracle of recovery.

For example, in 1988, the doctor said I was lucky to still be able to walk following a bad football tackle.
Well, “tackle” would not really describe it: during a Five-A-Side match, an opponent was about to shoot, so I jumped in to block. He completely missed the ball but connected with my left knee very powerfully. I dropped to the floor of the sports hall, writhing in agony, as everybody else professionally carried on playing.
Needless to say, I was off work for a couple of months as I could not walk properly.
Three months of gentle cycling helped strengthen the knee and I resumed playing footie about eight months later, in 1989, missing most of that seasons’ Sunday football league fixtures.
Yes, looking back, I was quite lucky to still be mobile, but you don’t appreciate it, at the time.

Several minor injuries occurred until, in 2011, my doctor again said I was lucky to be able to walk, never mind run or cycle, due to work-related back injuries that began about 2008; after several sessions treatment by an Osteopath, most of the back pain had gone and I began walking without the aid of the trekking pole that had become something of a trademark.

The back injury returned, for no apparent reason, exactly a year later in April 2012, lasting about a month, this time. It occurred as I was in training for a long distance cycle touring venture, from Santander to Roscoff, a distance of about 750 miles, which isn’t a massive distance to experienced cycle-campers, but this would be my first go.
If I had called it off, I would have let down a friend, and myself, so I persevered, after I recovered enough to walk again.
So, to aid my recovery, I bought myself an exercise bike and built-up my distances and duration incrementally before returning to the road bike.
My endurance and distances grew to about 70miles, and I managed to get my time down from 7hrs to 5hrs, over the last couple of weeks prior to departure. However, in the back of my mind, there was the niggling doubt that my back pain my return if I overdid it.

During the journey, fear of crippling myself and failing to complete the journey, and looking a prick, spurred me on to complete mental and physical goals, busting psychological ghosts and barriers along the way.

Despite suffering THREE punctures on the final day, I completed the journey, boarding the Roscoff to Plymouth ferry with only ten minutes to spare.
Another minor miracle!

Touch wood, despite some back pain returning every so often, I can still walk and cycle, although my running days are over.

Look after your back . . .


Triple-Dip Recession? You Heard It Here First!!

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Just when we thought The Recovery was well on its way, this Recession bites back!

Over the last week, or so, the Euro’s future has been put in doubt. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland have raised doubts about paying off their debts/loans; the USA voted to extend its deficit; and, stocks and share prices have tumbled day after day; today one FTSE company lost as much as 18.39% of its value, with a further six losing more than 10%. These share value losses are ok as they are only on paper; but, if these shares are sold, the losses become real and compounded, causing companies to go bust and further jobs lost.

Add to all this that, from 2014, mortgage providers will be making their products unattainable, unless you go in with your pockets rattling with mummy and daddy’s moulah, thereby reducing further the number of first-time buyers, then we’re in for a longer, bumpier ride than expected.

The boffins have predicted a double-dip recession for the last three years, but nobody has predicted a triple-dip recession, until now. I predicted it back in 2009! I just didn’t bother to document it anywhere. This recession, being the deepest since the Second World War, is likely to continue until at least 2016 as there is no Rationing to abolish to free-up markets.

Now, a quadruple-dip recession? Possible, but not very likely; although, you wouldn’t want to put your mortgage on it not occuring, now, would you . . . ?