Interesting . . . I just applied for a vacancy with Benchmark Advertising, whose MD was at Montana Marketing

Zainab Usman

Wednesday 19 th October was unlike most days. Apart from my excitement in anticipation of my long-awaited trip to Paris the next day, I was woken up in the morning by a phone call and an email simultaneously from two firms in Birmingham, namely Primus UK and S5 Marketing , inviting me for a job interview the next day. I got a job by Friday 21st with Primus UK Ltd and by Monday 24 th , I had quit the job because it turned out I fell victim to an elaborate recruitment scam in the UK, otherwise known as Cobra Pyramid Scam or Marketing Pyramid Scheme .

Such scams have apparently been going on for a number of years, especially in the wake of the global recession. They post deceptive jobs on recruitment websites with misleading job specifications, to lure and exploit their victims before the victims wise up and…

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