Monday, when I began multi-drop driving, via an agency, was the biggest online shopping day of the year and, as a result, Wednesday and Thursday were the busiest days here.
Friday morning, today, looked to be fairly busy but, as I write, there are seven of us drivers sat in the canteen, waiting for something to do; one driver, Sam, came in but was stood down due to an incident yesterday.

Liz, a friend who used to work at the Ship, popped in, bored waiting for her odds and sods. Andy from the Drum is doing a similar run as yesterday.
I hope I get something closer than Bodmin and Truro today; it takes ages to get out and back, especially when getting a Pink slip from Tamar Bridge as CityLink don’t have nearly enough tags.

I have quite enjoyed it, but it is a bit stressful when you don’t know where the hell you are and lose time through zigzagging.