Through woods, fields and a couple of sparse hamlets we trod, along a section of the old Plymouth – Yealmpton railway track bed towards Steer Point too, admiring the wonderful south Devon scenery as we walked.

So, here she is (photo), midway through an elongated walk, covered in the alluvial deposits of Cofflete Creek, which we crossed at low-tide, between Elburton and Brixton.

We love these long-ish walks, especially in spring and autumn, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold; perfection for three or four hours.

Titchika, like myself, is the adventurous sort, and is ideally suited to these mini-explorations, sniffing around hedges for rabbits and other animals to chase.

She caught a rabbit once; chasing it, you could see her direct lineage from the wolf, with her teeth bared and snarling. I had to prise her jaws open to release the rabbit, which just sat there, trembling with fear, its heart and lungs going like the clappers.
It probably ended-up as fox food that very night; who knows.

On we pressed . . .

When we got home I had to bathe her; she was coated in mud, despite washing off as much as I could in the river. She hates baths but she now smell of mint and green tea, or something.

We shall be returning to Cofflete soon.

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