I received a letter, or should that be “packet”, in a brown paper A5-sized envelope, this morning.
I could feel that there was something, ahem, small and solid inside it.
I viewed it with suspicion, it’s local postmark and general foreboding appearance.

Upon opening the envelope I found that there were two more envelopes, one with the name of the HR Manager’s name on it of the Company I worked for until last year; the other envelope contained the mystery object.

I opened the first one and pulled out the letter and read that I had won the company’s “Short Story Competition – First Story”.
This was out of about 360 entrants, so that was pretty cool.

The prizes, enclosed, consisted of £50 in M&S Vouchers, £50 in National Book Tokens and, in the other envelope, a Company 4GB memory stick.
Pretty good, for a first attempt, eh!?

This success proves to me that I am on the right track with my writing and, with this encouragement, I shall continue with my stories and other writings.