As I have been out of work for 182 days, HM Government Benefits Agency have seen fit to stop my Job Seeker Allowance (JSA) and send me to see the good people at Working Links. In other words: now we’ve stopped your benefits, we’ll help you back to work.
Now you will see what they mean when they say they’ve got X-amount people off benefits.

Now, despite my usual cynical mentality, I actually enjoyed my first day of two here.
I have been to many seminars and conferences, before where all you had to do was keep your eyes open and grunt all the right noises every now and then, while the presenter or speaker talked down to you, and put you down, like you were a brainless moron, and rebuffed any kind of group participation or discussion.
WL, in my experience differed from that, in that, with the presenter we had, Sue, a Scouser (but we won’t hold that against her, much), participation was actively encouraged.

All ten of us (there was eleven but one guy backed out, saying he didn’t realise he was supposed to be here for more than an hour and had to be excused because of some stomach illness and here’s my hospital discharge paper to prove it, or something) attending came from totally different backgrounds (engineer, printer, teaching assistant, driver), had different reasons for being unemployed and were frustrated at being unemployed for many more reasons.

I also observed that at least half of us hailed from totally different regions of the country (one lady was Russian, in fact), to come and work here but found their job went soon after their arrival.

We problem-solved and brain-stormed ideas for most of the day and, by the time we finished, I reckon most of us looked forward to the next day.