We’ve all (in the UK, any way) seen the ad. You know, the one where some smug, self-satisfied, aspiring middle-class bore quips “Voyage Prive” staring straight into the camera, straight into your living room, straight into your face, as if they’re in some exclusive secret sect that only they and their cronies can enter.

It’s rather cloying, isn’t it! It reminds me of The Fast Show sketch Channel9News, when the newsreader says “Chris Waddle” or “Boutros Boutros Gali”.

Recently, when somebody gets up them self and brag “I’ve just bought a new house/ car/ motorbike,” or “My son/daughter has just got into uni/ got his/her Masters”, or something that they paid for and paved the way for their off-spring’s easy life ahead, some of my friends and I look at each other, pause, and mockingly say “Voyage Prive” in the same smug, self-satisfied way they do in the advert.

Try it; it’s fun!