I don’t have any right to judge you, so I don’t judge you. You have no right to judge me, so you do judge me. I’m glad we recognise it as a level playing-field . . .

I haven’t a real inkling of what you are going through, or have been through, it’s obviously none of my business, “Keep your nose out!”, but I will try to move heaven and earth to help you to get through it; that is my way.
I may be going through shit like you wouldn’t believe, but I won’t be a burden on you and I keep my problems, largely, to myself. Why should I make my problems yours when you don’t give a flying or you are so self-absorbed that it makes you yawn? It would achieve nothing. What would YOU get out of it? NOTHING!! You’re just a Me-Me, after all.
It’s like those arseholes that laugh at other people’s expense but can’t take it when people laugh at them. Wankers!

I do people favours and expect nothing in return; that is the idea of a FAVOUR. However, most people I know, these days, see a “favour” as something that needs to be repaid, with interest, sooner or later; that is known as a “LOAN”.

Anyway, as you can tell, I am sick of the users, the self-centred wankers, the ones that think everybody owes them something, the twats that walk over good people. Enough is enough. I/we have got to put a stop their snidy tricks, their bad-mouthing, and their general negative impact upon our lives; they cost us more than just material goods. They deprive us of our dignity and, God knows, we need some of it these days.

Rise above the Negos; be you!