On BBC News, a few days ago: “Whoops! Our server in Slough went down this morning, causing loss of internet for Orange-Blackberry customers. Research In Motion (RIM) are doing all we can to fix it.”

Actually, RIM, it’s been shit for the last month (first Twitter began freezing, then App Error 200 arrived, then Facebook froze, followed by everything else, the whole phone), but it’s come to a head because so many journalists use your Blackberry phones that you had to put out some bullshit blurb to cover your arses. I have to re-boot the piece of shit about a dozen times a day, fucking-up the battery everytime.

A fter getting a text message from Annoying Orange on Monday, I received this on Tuesday: “Hi from Orange. We’re sorry, some BlackBerry customers are still experiencing problems with sending & receiving emails, browsing the internet & using BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry are looking into this urgently and hope to resolve it soon, so there’s no need to get in touch. Thanks for your patience. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange.”

On the strength of this no being resolved, and having the same problems for so long, I am cancelling my account with Annoying Orange, so there’s no need for Annoying Orange to get in touch.