(Originally published 31st August 2011)

What is it with some companies and why do they behave like twats?

Until I started working for a certain company, that treats its employees like shit, no manager I had ever worked for would suspend/dismiss an employee UNTIL he/she had heard the alleged culprit’s version of events.

At a certain company, if a complaint comes in from a customer, or if the alleged culprit had broken some company policy or procedure, the alleged culprit is handed an envelope containing a letter (or “Confetti”, as the employees call them) outlining that they have been summarily suspended pending a disciplinary investigation, which the company claim is not part of the disciplinary process.

Perhaps I should spell it out to them like this:

If you suspend somebody, they are already within the disciplinary process!


Jesus H Corbett! At best the management there is inept; they really do busk it and make it up as they go along.

Not only did this company lose a huge contract with a nationally renowned service provider, they have lost customers hand-over-fist to a rival company due to trying to compete with identical lines and changing well-used and popular products to crap that is not compatible to their (now former) customers needs and, in a similar way as when Golden Wonder sold their top-selling Wotsits line to Walkers, they removed a product only for their rivals to provide their identical product.



If you try to reason with that management clique, begging them not to take the course of action or policy they intend to take, they will completely blank you, treat you like a madman (or madwoman, as the case may be), and/or try to sack you.

You were trying to do them a favour and they just shit on you! Pffft . . .

Fascists? They F#*king Must Be!

Let’s just hope they reap what they sow . . . they’d really f#*king deserve it!!

Rant over